Forecast: Buckle Up!

GRs,Ice hockey puck

Well, here we go! The NHL regular season starts tonight with pucks dropping from East to West. And just in time for that is a season forecast and opening night queue-up.

2011-2012 Season Forecast

To say there was a shake-up in the Flyers camp over summer is not an understatement. You can read about it in an earlier post. The team looks different, somewhat like when we rebounded from the basement season. But what to make of it all, now that we’ve finished the preseason?

For starters, it’s a clean, different slate. The off-season moves have the possibility of shoring up the defense, plugging the sieve that has been a perpetual lack of anything resembling an elite goaltender, reformatting the front line with both the energetic contributions of younger blood combined with judicious wisdom on the part of several experienced players, and a change-up in the attitude supplying the C for the team.

It was major, and it’s impact could be spectacular. Stability. Persistence. Speedy offense sacrificed for a stickier D. And the outlook for power plays may not have looked this good in the time I’ve lived in the city. (Dare I say we’ve had so many changes it borders on a personality transplant?)

It’s still going to be a hard-hitting team. Make no mistake: even with the changes, the revamped Flyers are not the famed Broad Street Bullies from the club’s early years. But, from Pronger on down to Bryzgalov, they sure will make another player think twice about tresspassing into the Philadelphia zone.

So here’s my forecast: predictability can be highly overrated. The 2011-2012 Flyers are like the Lost cast – you’ve got no idea where it’s going to go, who’s going to be the hero, and you probably shouldn’t even try to guess until you get a few episodes under your belt.

I think I might just be a little bit in love with that.

Welcome home, hockey. I’ve missed having you here at Casa Nadine, and I’m glad you found my new apartment. I’ll keep my eyes open for a new hockey husband and, if necessary, harem members.

Tonight’s Season Opener in Beantown

No lie, this game is going to suck to an unimaginable level, at least in the beginning.

The team we took out two seasons ago in wicked fashion returned the favor last year and won the Stanley Cup. It was awful. I hope the guys have a massive hard-on for victory. That the off-season, evil genius foreplay on the part of management is actually fulfilled with a win tonight.

I can hear the roar, so buckle up!

P.S. – Still sad about the death of Four Habs Fans blog. The morning skate will never be the same or as entertaining! (But…yes, it will…at a new address. *sly!*) Thank you and good luck to each of you.


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