Vintage Moment: Favorite Flair

Dear Gentle Readers,

(Henceforth, I’ll be abbreviating that with just a GRs, ‘kay?)

Once upon a time, many moons past, Pieces of Flair was very popular on Facebook. It’s still there, although it’s popularity has waned under the common social media user’s ADHD-like attention span over the years. (Hey, I include myself in that group.)

I had accumulated a small amount of flair. Items in my collection repped my Cleveland teams, my college and other ones I followed, the sports I enjoyed, my snarky sense of humor, and – of course – hockey.

In this first vintage moment post, I share with you my all-time favorite piece of flair. It was a simple button that read:

Button reads There are 2 seasons: Hockey Season and Waiting for Hockey Season

And that, friends, pretty much sums up my outlook right now. I’m waiting for hockey season.

In Other Hockey Blogging News

The rumors are true: HLOG is returning, at a new URL, spearheaded by some familiar “faces,” and yours truly will be among them. Yesterday, several of the ladies held a live blog session to discuss recent player deaths, prescription medication abuse, and depression in hockey, as well as society at large. (I was unable to make it.) The session is worth the read, so head on over to view it and comment away if you so choose.

I’m working at redeveloping my blogger sense and voice. Watch for an upcoming post summing up my take on the off-season trades here in Philly.

Enjoying the comedic stylings of Janeane Garofalo in the background,


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