Forecast: Buckle Up!

GRs,Ice hockey puck

Well, here we go! The NHL regular season starts tonight with pucks dropping from East to West. And just in time for that is a season forecast and opening night queue-up.

2011-2012 Season Forecast

To say there was a shake-up in the Flyers camp over summer is not an understatement. You can read about it in an earlier post. The team looks different, somewhat like when we rebounded from the basement season. But what to make of it all, now that we’ve finished the preseason? Continue reading


HLOG Intros Have Started!


Or in Halloween parlance, “It’s alive!”HLOG site banner

HLOG is back and the rocking admins have started posting the ladies’ intros. As of the moment I’m writing this, yours truly is the lead post. So, mosey on over, learn about some other femmes who love hockey, and get up to speed on what HLOG is all about.

Oh, and don’t forget to check it on Fridays: the Friday Five always gives you a little insight into the literal and figurative lives we lead…

Because the Stanley Cup is the best damn sports trophy…ever,

Rehashed: Why I Love Goalies, Exhibit C


Once upon a time, while waiting for the regular season to begin in 2007, I wrote a three part series on Why I Love Goalies.

Of my three exhibits, C was my favorite. So here’s the rehash, for old time’s sake.

Q: What’s 6’2″, 200 lbs., and has 45″ shoulders before pads?Eli the Goalie

A: My little brother, Eli (aka Igor), the former goalie.

Eli played goalie in three different sports: soccer, Olympic-style roller hockey, and ice hockey. He’s played at über-competitive levels and been invited to the Olympic Training Center several times. As you’ll see below, Eli likes his hockey just a little bit rough, probably a legacy from his occasional rounds as a defenseman.  Continue reading